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Comparing and contrasting Tortoises and Turtles

Turtles and Tortoises  are similar because they both lay eggs on land, and eat vegetables. They are both very slow movers as well. Turtles can swim, however Tortoises can not swim for long and live mostly on land. Turtles can live for 20-30 years while Tortoises can live for 100-150 years. Although Turtles have thin, flatter shells on top, Tortoises have thick shells with a round dome on top. Turtles mainly live in water and they come out on land to lay their eggs. Tortoises have toes and claws but on the other hand Turtles have big flippers and they have webbed feet so they can move easily through the water.

Our Wearable Waste Fashion Show

On Tuesday we brought plastic bags, cardboard boxes, newspapers, old magazines, ribbons and recycled materials to school for our fashion show. On Tuesday afternoon we started designing and on the red table there was a mountain of old stuff. My idea was a girl going to a party but I changed my idea and turned it into a beach girl. I used plastic bags for my skirt and my t-shirt. I cut the top and bottom off the plastic bags.

My friend Zenalia helped me make my outfit. We cut the bottom where we tied up the plastic bag and made it out of flowers. We got tape to put it on my skirt and my t-shirt. We got some decorations and put it on my shirt. My other friend Anna Maria made me a flower that I could put on my ear.

On Wednesday I made a bag and a fan. For my bag I used a tissue box and for my fan it was a cardboard box that Ms Yumal cut. Then I painted my bag pink and put a blue heart on both sides. Then I painted my fan pink as well and my other friend Ruzzel painted it with me. Then she went away and my best friend Angelina painted red hearts on the fan. It looked beautiful.

On Thursday after lunch we came inside and cleaned up Room 6. Then some of the Room 6 people went to help Room 7. After that we got ready for the fashion show. The whole school was coming to Room 7 and when we were in Room 7 they were waiting for us.

Mrs Agnew said to get in pairs so I went with Angelina, my best friend. When me and Angelina walked in everyone was cheering for us and I saw Sulia do the thumbs up to us and we were allowed to put our hair down. When we went outside me and Angelina were laughing, and we went two times and so in the end we all did the fashion parade. It was so much fun but we did work hard for it to be successful.


Our Sailing Day

Last Thursday Room 6 and Room 7 went Sailing at Panmure Basin.When we got there we met the teachers named Steph, Blair and Ellie. They were telling us what to do on the boats. The sail on the boat was to check the direction of the wind. Steph was teaching us about this key chain on the boat and it was called pulley.


After that, Room 7 went first to sailing and Room 6 did land activities. When Room 7 finished we went sailing and my partner was Angelina. When we were going to choose our boat we had to put our life jackets on. While we were putting our jacket on Angelina’s and my life jacket were backwards so Ms Agnew and Mr Bell helped us to do it. When we finished and Steph was telling us how to get on I found a shell. So I told Ms Agnew “I found sea shells!” so she told me to put the seashells in my pocket. The pocket was on the jacket.


When we went on it I was doing the rudder and Angelina was doing the sail. It was so much fun and we felt so free on the water. We both fell into the water and Kava had to come and help us.


We were all very tired when we walked back to school but it was the best day ever.

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